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Welcome to my graphics site. I've been having fun making these
graphics, and hopefully there is something here for everyone,

( Please excuse any broken links as this site has just went thru a major re design and a move to tripod. In time it will be more orginaized and more will be uploaded daily so check back often. )

My filenames and image locations will be changed often, so you should download the images and put them on your own server. Linking directly to them will eventually cause you to have a page with broken images!

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TermTerms of Use:

These graphics are free for use on personal homepages only. I also ask that they not be used on sites who's content would be deemed offensive to others, and is suitable for viewing by children.

I ask that you put a link on your page back to this site. If you like you can use one of the coordinating graphics in the different sets, or you can use the logo below. If you e-mail me with the URL of your site, I will include it on a links page I also ask that you to take the time to sign my guestbook thats only showing you appreciate my hard work.

**This is where I offer My Free Graphic's PLEASE
don't take graphic's from my other pages as some are my
copyrighted graphic's which are not for use by others.**

If you are interested in having exclusive rights to any of these backgrounds or sets, please write Graphic Dreams for details.

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